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Be One of a Kind with Acid's ONE
In their Esteli, Nicaragua factory, Drew Estate crafts the world's finest infused cigars. The Acid One is different, as it's the only non-flavored cigar within the whole Acid line.
Pigs Fly at Hot Spot with Kentucky Fire Cured Flying Pig!
The leaves used for the blend are fire-cured (here in the States) rather than air-cured, which imparts a unique smoky taste that's unlike anything else on the market.
CLE Plus: A full-bodied Nicaraguan Puro, plus some!
Christian Eiroa made a great comeback to the cigar business with CLE, a brand that takes its name from his initials. After recently opening the brand new Aladino Factory, which is where CLE Plus is rolled with care, full-bodied fans can expect to be swiftly and thoroughly satisfied by these impressively constructed handmade cigars.
CUBAN CIGARS: What, exactly, is going on with them?
"When can I buy one?" "When will they be available for sale?" "Cuban cigars will be so great for the industry!" As of lately, we have been hearing a lot about Cuban cigars. Here are the facts.
30% SALE! Until Supplies Last! ONE OF A KIND CIGARS - Colombian Corona Real
These cigars were made specifically and ONLY for Hot Spot Cigars and Coffee! You will not find another one anywhere else in the world. Please hurry in to get your one-of-a-kind Colombian puro before they're gone forever!

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